an egg-cellent day!

dyed eggs

Sunday was filled with sunshine, faith, eggs and chocolate! What more could we ask for? It was the perfect Easter celebration.

Hope you had an eggcellent day, too!


4 thoughts on “an egg-cellent day!

  1. We had a very nice Easter celebration, some of ours was celebrated a little early with family, and a birthday party thrown for my mother-in-law as well on Saturday. We were able to attend their wonderful church service with them after the party. Some sweet family memories were made…:) Glad you had a happy Easter!

  2. I love the pastels of Easter eggs. This was the very first year that my kids didn’t decorate eggs. Our neighbors at the lake had a big hunt in the woods — so they enjoyed searching for eggs.

  3. It was some great egg-salad days that’s for sure… LOL! ;o) We had a great Easter… fun to eat good food, visit with family, and have time to relax & enjoy… Happy Week, Flora ((HUGS))

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