grannies continued


It’s been a little while since I crocheted my first granny and you might be wondering how I’ve progressed so far. Well, to be honest, I started off strong, crocheting a little daily initially, but (as expected) a few other projects sidetracked my progress.

I’ve decided to create a pile of them in all different shades of merino wool surrounded by creamy white border. I’m still not sure if I have the energy or inclination to turn these squares into an afghan or simply a colourful pillow (I think a pillow might be more realistic). To date, I have only 8 squares complete, so either way, I’ll need to make a whole lot more!

But I love putting the colours together and watching this little pile of squares grow.


10 thoughts on “grannies continued

  1. I love your grannies. I totally, TOTALLY relate to arranging them this way and that. It’s fun! And you can just keep going or just quit and turn them into a pillow or a scarf whenever you’ve had enough.

  2. OH!!! too bad i didn’t “internet meet” you sooner!! i am in a “great granny sqaure” swap. I am in the middle of crocheting 22 granny squares and then i mail them off and get 22 different ones back!!

    ps. don’t have a clue what im going to do with them! LOL

  3. Those look so very soft and pretty! And…like Lori, I need to (RE) learn to crochet! I would really love to see it as a blanket though, if you have the time and energy. In my eyes, the softness and colors are so nice…I just want to see more of it! No pressure though! :) (A pillow would be beautiful too!)

  4. Thanks for joining the Vintage Exchange. Your little one to sooooooooooooooooooooo adorable. I’m in love. I have a little due in a few months, baby 3.

    Enjoy, it goes by too fast.

  5. Go granny, go! ;o) Your squares are lovely, Flora…love the white “border” on them all…Look forward to seeing what you make of them all! Happy Weekend ahead to you all ((HUGS))

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