little lamb

my little lamb

When I saw this tutorial on Purl Bee I thought what a sweet Easter project this would make for my own little lambs.

Like Dana, I didn’t have access to the gorgeous wool that Molly used so instead I used some fleece I had leftover from other projects. They are stuffed with 100% organic cotton, which I like to use instead of poly-fill for most of my stuffed proejcts for the kiddos.

This project, of course, involved a bit of sewing, which I don’t do very well, but I hopped over to my mom’s to use her machine and to get a quick refresher on how to thread a sewing machine! If you look closely at the lamb in the photos, you’ll notice that my lines are not straight and there are a few mistakes. The beauty of making things for my little ones, however, is they never pay much attention to these things. Having a new stuffie is the thrill for them.

I made a large one in creamy white fleece for K and a little one in light blue for L. Of course, only one of my babes would stay still for photos with their new toys! K was too busy being silly to get a good photo with her, but at least one of my babes was cooperative!


4 thoughts on “little lamb

  1. Does your baby ever cry? She looks like the happiest little one ever, always smiling and laughing.

    Your softies are cute too — what I nice gift that can be treasured today and handed down someday. I’ve decided that sewing just takes practice. I really botched up my quilt over the weekend — and ended up taking my seam ripper to one whole side of the binding. I just have to take it slow and it turns out okay.

  2. You little lambs turned out so cute, and cuddly soft! Your little one sure looked like she was loving them! :) Such a cutie!

    My mom taught me to sew when I was in high school (my whole sophomore year Summer!). I can remember sewing the wrong pieces together quite often when I was making clothes. I would get so frustrated! My mom would patiently rip out the seams for me to start again on clothing projects. I am so thankful my mom took the time to teach me. Remembering how calm and patient she was while teaching me has helped me to remain focused in sewing, and not give it up!

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