creative afternoons


Not every day this week was sunny, so on the days that were cloudy and cool, we spent some creative time indoors. There’s so much potential in a few simple craft supplies — a box of wooden beads, some paint and a few sparkly stickers.

:: there was some jewellery making.

:: there was some fairy wand decorating.

:: and there was some painting.

It makes this crafty mama proud to have a girl who loves crafts.


5 thoughts on “creative afternoons

  1. I would only expect crafty kids from you! Teach them young and they’ll develop a life-long interest. It makes me want to play with beads. Fun stuff.

  2. Your lil’ cupcake looks like she was having such fun! How cute she is!

    I loved doing artsy stuff with my kids, I still do! :) It is so great to pass on the love of creating to them. It will be wonderful memories they can always take with them. It will also help them to develop a healthy self-esteem in a job well done.

  3. One more thing….On my lunch hour, I ran to Michael’s and got the sport-weight yarn and the knitting needles. My daughter (who does knit) helped me cast on. I’m going to do a little dishcloth, as an experiment, and then on the the booties! It’s really happening.

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