this moment: mornings

my morning girls

A simple, special moment I want to pause, savour and remember (started by SouleMama).

Waking up with happy kids… that’s what makes this moment great!

What is your morning moment?


5 thoughts on “this moment: mornings

  1. This morning my daughter woke up happily screaming “Daddy!” because he was back from his two day trip. It’s the first time she’s ever missed him like that.
    Your morning looks like such a joy.

  2. Now that’s a good wake-up. Let’s hope the rest of the day is filled with smiles and laughter too!

    My morning moment….Running out the door with my sixth grader holding his “Kingdom-Animal-Phylum-Species” project — knowing he did a super job on it and will have a good day at school showing it off.

    Happy weekend!

  3. Great moments captured in time with your camera! Fun-filled mornings with your happy little ones are so precious! Enjoy that sunshine, and those adorable kiddos…:)

    My morning moment…putting a Spiderman, and Barbie kite in the trunk of my car to go join the grand kids (after lunch) to go share in “kite day” at their school! :)

  4. What a happy morning there! :o) The best morning moment was hubby & I making a big breakfast together and time to sit down and enjoy it together. Happy Weekend, Flora ((HUGS))

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