in my basket

work in porgress

Spring has arrived on our doorstep this week and the girls and I have been soaking in as much vitamin D as we can before the weather turns chilly again next week (or so the weatherman says).

That said, I thought I’d give you all a quick peek inside my knitting basket at a project I’m working on for a special little lady who’s turning 3. I hope to show it off in a couple of weeks; at the moment it looks like a pile of gauge swatches, doesn’t it?!

Gotta run, the sunshine is calling! Enjoy your day, too!


3 thoughts on “in my basket

  1. The yarn is yummy. So pretty. I bet that certain three-year old will love whatever it is you’re creating.

    And the “Princess and the Pea” — a great story. One of the local schools just did a production of “Once Upon A Mattress” — which is that story adapted for stage. If it ever comes your way, be sure to see it. Wonderful music, great storyline and awesome costumes.

    Enjoy that sunshine.

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