cookbook challenge: halibut with broccoli rabe puree

halibut with broccoli rabe puree

The original recipe from Giada’s Kitchen cookbook was swordfish poached in olive oil with broccoli rabe pesto. I changed this recipe a lot. Instead of swordfish, I chose halibut. Instead of poaching in oil, I chose to bake it. Instead of broccoli pesto, I made a broccoli puree (mainly because K is allergic to nuts).

We had it with honey roasted root vegetables and tomato and boccochini cheese salad. The fish was wonderful — flaky and tender. The puree was a bit too garlicky. I added 3 garlic cloves and was probably 2 too many!

Overall, the fish is something we’d definitely try again! Hubby, K and I are enjoying my little weekend cookbook adventures (food theif in action again!) It brings something new and different to the table and gets us out of eating the same thing we do on weekdays when time is more important than creativity in the kitchen.

So what’s next?

I think I’ll haul out the old slow cooker and try out a recipe for a beef and gravy stew over noodles from my Taste of Home Slow Cooker Recipes book. I purchased this book from the grocery store 3 years ago when I was on maternity leave the first time. I was looking for quick ideas for meals at the time and this was starring at me while I was waiting to pay for my groceries. Hence, it’s been 3 years since I made something from this book! Stay tuned for my results next week!


5 thoughts on “cookbook challenge: halibut with broccoli rabe puree

  1. This dish looks very yummy! I know I commented before that I am not much of a seafood lover, but I do like halibut. I have to admit your colorful dishes of the seafood you are cooking sure are tempting me to eat more of it. I need to expand my horizons in the tastebud department and try more seafood! My family would jump for joy if they saw me typing this! :) I am anxious to see your beef and gravy stew over noodles meal. We just bought a new slow cooker on clearance (to replace my old one), your future recipe would be a great one to try in it…:)

  2. So you made a few modifications — but it looks like it worked out just fine. More than fine. Delicious. And roasted vegetables are my all-time favorite way to make vegetables. I tried roasted green beans the other day — just toss with olive oil, a little salt and pepper. Oh my, it was good.

    And I think I have that same “Taste of Home” cookbook somewhere.

  3. DELICIOUS…and just beautiful! And look at your little one trying everything too! :o) That’s a meal we would like too. I almost always make little changes to recipes in books, magazines, etc… I just love tinkering with recipes! Taste of Home–such great magazines and inspiration there. Look forward to more recipes, Flora. Hope all of you are having a great weekend ((HUGS))

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