a gold medal finish

my little red riding hood

I finished my Knitting Olympics project by sewing on a large black vintage button yesterday afternoon. A gold medal moment to be sure, finishing with several hours until the closing ceremonies to spare.

I have to say, that although this pattern was quite simple to follow, my decision to not use the bulky weight yarn because I couldn’t find it in the right red  colour, wasn’t the best one. I must’ve frogged this piece at least 4 or 5 times before finally getting the sizing right!

In the end my babe has a cute little red riding hood to wear for the rest of this winter and into spring!

Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool in poppy
Pattern: Garnstudio.com by Drops Design — my design notes on Raverly.


4 thoughts on “a gold medal finish

  1. Very sweet! I have a vintage Little Red Riding Hood Golden book that was mine as a child. This photo reminded me of it! :) You did a wonderful job!

  2. The cutest little red riding hood ever. I am amazed at the speed you knit at — definitely a gold medal for you.

    By the way, how’s the kitchen renovation project going. You haven’t given any updates.

    • Kitchen reno project has been postponed to mid April because of our contractor’s schedule! That means my living room is still piled to the ceiling with boxes and boxes and boxes! Oh my!

  3. Just adorable, Flora… what a terrific finish, and with time to spare–hooray! Well done, you…and how cute that babe in red… *sigh*… Happy Days ((HUGS))

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