cookbook challenge: mussels

mussels in white wine with vegetables and herbs

I’m not sure why I don’t cook mussels for dinner more often. This dish was super simple and on the table in less than 30 minutes! Even K exclaimed, “I like mussels!” after trying them for the first time last night.

Full of veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, carrots and tomatoes) the broth had fantastic flavour and was the best eaten with thick slices of crusty bread! I think mussels will be making a more regular appearance on the dinner menu from now on.

So what’s up for this week?

I enjoyed cooking from Giada’s Kitchen cookbook so much last time that I’m going back to another of her recipes and trying the swordfish poached in olive oil with broccoli rabe pesto. I’m thinking about replacing the swordfish with halibut though. Stay tuned for the results next week!


4 thoughts on “cookbook challenge: mussels

  1. That mussel recipe sounds a lot like the one in the Dinosaurs B-B-Que cookbook (it’s a pretty famous restaurant in Syracuse). My brother makes it all the time — really, really good. The swordfish sounds amazing too. Yesterday, I made a black bean soup that turned out awesome. It was from a cookbook that I’ve had for about 5 years and NEVER even opened (I know, shame on me).

    Your cookbook idea is wonderful and is really taking off for me and others. I’ve seen it mentioned on other blogs too. Good work!

  2. Mussels… Oh, I love those too! And I should make them more often as well, for they are easy to prepare. Your mussels dish here is so elegant and beautiful… I must add that cookbook to my list–thanks for the tip, Flora! :o)

  3. I have never been brave enough to eat mussels. I am not much of a seafood lover here (I know I need to eat it, it’s so good for you). I did eat fish the whole time I was in Maui though (nothing raw!). I did make scallops for the first time, and loved them, from my cookbook, “The Art of French Cooking” by Julia Child. My husband and daughters would love your mussels! It is very colorful…:)

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