craft: K’s art cards

art card

I’ve been struggling with what to do with the growing mound of K’s art for a while now — the paintings, cut outs, stuck on paper crafts that have been piling up around the house that she comes home with from playschool. I love all of her little creations — I’ve even framed a few of the special ones that she was really proud of, but the rotating placement of art on our fridge is getting rather full.

Then I saw this on CRAFT and wondered why didn’t I think of that?! Turning K’s artwork into note and birthday cards is brilliant!

The card above was made for the twins birthday party. I hand stitched the painting to card stock using embroidery floss in a zig-zag pattern since I don’t own a sewing machine  (I can’t sew but I really want to learn). I think the effect suited the artwork nicely, actually.

I have to admit, I’m guilty of the midnight purge that is mention in the CRAFT post. I suspect most parents are, afterall, how many newspaper cuttings glued on a paper plate can you possibly display in your home anyways? This idea might have just saved me from future guilt! Brilliant!


3 thoughts on “craft: K’s art cards

  1. We’ve had many midnight purges in my house….I ended up getting each kid a copy paper box that they could fill with artwork. When it was stuffed, they had to decide what needed to go. It put the decision-making in their hands. Even today at 16, my daughter still likes to poke through her box. When they finally leave home, the boxes can go with them.

  2. Cute card! Was the painting done on cloth? The fact that you zig-zagged this by hand is amazing! The sewing machine would literally just take a minute to zig zag the edges. Very sweet and practical ideas on how to repurpose the kids’ artwork. My fridge is looking very cluttered these days due to the grand children! :)

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