right now

At this moment…

… there’s a little snow on the ground.

Although there was a lot of pretty, light, fluffy snow falling all day yesterday, this morning barely any has stayed on the ground. Here in Toronto, it’s been a very mild winter (to say the least). Unlike parts of the US where I keep reading about big snow storms and being snowed in, here, we’ve barely had to take out the shovel, let alone haul out the big snow blower this year.

… my Olympic knitting is going ever so slowly.

I wasn’t able to find a nice bulky weight “riding hood” red yarn at my local yarn shop that the pattern called for, therefore, I’m experimenting with a worsted weight merino wool that I love. As a result, I’ve had to start over and over again a few times. I think I’ve got it right now and it should smooth sailing from here. Ten days to go!

… and my babe popped in to say hi!

What’s happening in your world right now?


3 thoughts on “right now

  1. My world is ALL musical. We’re going into high gear now that the show is one week away. Late night rehearsals, last minute sewing, etc. I wish I could sit back and watch more of the Olympics. Instead, I’m just catching little bits here and there. And if it’s any consolation, we don’t have much snow here either. Very strange.

  2. Today my eldest daughter and grand children took a trip with me to visit my youngest daughter at her new place. We went out to a favorite local cafe near where she lives to have home-style cheese burgers for lunch, then drove her back up to our house for a little birthday celebration we will be having later tonight (and tomorrow). :) Love the look of your new yarn project, and the sweet “hi” from your little babe.

  3. Hello there sweet angel! :o) The red wool is lovely–very pretty shade! Look forward o see you finish! I’ve been doing a lot of knitting lately too, and plan on doing just that this weekend. We had a BIG dump of snow overnight, so semi-hibernating this weekend cozy indoors. Have a great one! ((HUGS))

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