two months

2 months old

My dear little babe, eight weeks has blown by me like a windy day. You’re showing everyone who was so concerned with your slow weight gain in those early weeks not to worry. You just needed a little time to get adjusted to living outside your watery world. 

At two months old, you’re watching us all with intensity and delighting us with your coos and smiles. Sleeping is still an issue, but I trust that just like the eating and the weight gain, you’ll figure it out in your own time. And when you do sleep, you talk. At first I was rushing in to see you at every croak and groan, but I’ve learned now that’s just what you do. I guess we’re both learning, aren’t we little one? 


Now you’re growing so quickly that I’ve had to store away all your newborn baby sleepers. This makes me a little sad. The newborn baby days have passed, but it’s quickly replaced by thoughts of all the growing and learning that is ahead of you. I can hardly wait! 

The pom-pom pixie hat was knitted up in less than an hour. I finally used some of the bulky handspun from New Zealand that I’ve been playing with for over a month. The hat design is a simple garter stitch rectangle, with gradual decreases at the sewn-up end with braided ties and pom-pom attached. 

Happy two months my littlest darling!


6 thoughts on “two months

  1. Oh my gosh….She is so sweet. You must be so in love with her. I miss having babies around. Her little hat is adorable too — but the baby steals the show today.

  2. Aww…:) What a precious baby she is (love that yawn) :o@! The hat, and owl pillow are very sweet too (not as sweet as her of course!). Great job on your knitting! Amazing work…:)

  3. Oh, Flora…she is sooo, sooo lovely… I could just kiss her sweet cheeks! And the hat is wonderful! I love the fun simplicity! How wide and long is the rectangular shape? The pom pom is the perfect crowning glory… and your tiny girl looks terrific sporting her new hat–great job Mom! :o)

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