let the games begin

2010 knitting olympics

I love the Olympics. There’s something magical that happens there. This year, in Vancouver, as a Canadian, it feels extra special. I have friends who live in Vancouver and I hear from them that the city is ALIVE!

So I’ve decided to do something interesting (not just watch the Olympics on TV) and join the Yarn Harlot and over 2300 other knitters who are already on board, in the 2010 Knitting Olympics.

The challenge is to knit a complete project in 17 days — from the opening ceremonies to the closing ceremonies.

My chosen project is a little red riding hood for my littlest babe. This will be a challenge because 17 days goes by quickly with two little ones demanding my attention. However, if L keeps up her night-time activities I might just be able to finish, too!

Let the games begin!


3 thoughts on “let the games begin

  1. Wow! That is quite a challenge with your two little ones! It would be an even bigger challenge for me considering I do not even know how to knit. Although I wish I did! Your work is so beautiful, makes a person want to learn the art…:) Have fun!

  2. That’s a great challenge….You can do it. Go for the gold on this one. Unfortunately with this musical show my kids are in, I think my Olympic-watching is going to be severely limited.

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