love in the early, early morning


These days most of my knitting and crafting has been in the early, early mornings… somewhere in the hours between 1am and 4am.

That’s because my babe has decided that she doesn’t like to sleep during those hours. So rather than fight it, between time in my arms as I wander the main floor of my house and time in her swing, I knit. I figured since I couldn’t very well leave her by herself in the swing, it was better to go with it, and if I couldn’t sleep I might as well craft.

Last night, I decided that a little more love was needed for upcoming Hearts Day, so I tried my hand at stitching. No pattern, just a simple heart and a lovely word. It was actually my first stab at embroidery. I’ve done cross stitching before so I figured this wasn’t too far removed from that technique. I can’t say it’s perfect, but it was quickly satisfying, even at 2am in the morning!

And since I made this while waiting for my babe to eventually fall asleep, I think I’ll hang this in her room above her crib so we can both remember these early baby days.


5 thoughts on “love in the early, early morning

  1. Aww…:) How much sweeter can one get than that?! Very simple (although I know embroidery can take quite a while to make), but so lovely! Mom and child…heart to heart…adorable…:)

  2. That’s very sweet and a nice remembrance of those quiet nights the two of you shared. It turned out really well — considering how tired you must be. It’s gotten to the point with me that after 9 pm, I really don’t function well at all anymore.

  3. Oh, how lovely… I’d leave that embroider piece just as it is in it’s tender simplicity…*swoon*… Wishing you & yours a very sweet Valentine Weekend :o)

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