honesty award

Thanks Jodi at The Jolly Bee for tagging me in this Honest Scrap Award. I’m not sure who started this, but this award is for bloggers “who put their heart on display as they write from the depths of their soul.”

So, I’ve decided to share 10 things about myself, but as a twist, I’ll do it with photos. Here goes: 

1. The most irresponsible thing I’ve done so far was hike Kilauea volcano in flip flops, by the light of a blackberry while 7 months pregnant. [photo of flowing lava taken by hubby on our 2006 vacation to Maui and Big Island] 

2. I would like to visit Green Gables. [photo from Product of Newfoundland flickr stream] 

3. I am deathly afraid of spiders, but I’ve fed a bengal tiger his dinner. [photo from ElectricEloise’s shop] 

4. My favourite colour is blue. 

5. I’ve never been to Disney World so I’m egarly awaiting our first family vacation there. [image from disneyworld.com] 

6. My dream is to own a yarn shop so I can play with yarn all day! [photo from rallenhill’s flickr stream] 

7. I’m not sure what I would do if the world ran out of coffee beans. [photo of Kona coffee plants by hubby] 

8. I would move to Maui in a heartbeat. [photo of a Maui sunrise by hubby from our 2003 honeymoon] 

9. I’m a sucker for Hugh Grant movies 

10. My girls make me smile.


4 thoughts on “Honestly

  1. I love what you did with this tag! How great to include photos. This is the second time today that someone’s blogged about “Love Actually.” I must see this movie — I love Hugh too! It’s so nice to see what you dream about — between the yarn and moving to a warm island. Thanks for participating.

  2. Oh, how sweet are your girls! Congrats on your lovely award. Such fun to read your list… I’m with you on the yarn shop, Hugh Grant, the color blue and Green Gables… oh, yes! Happy Day :o)

  3. What a nice list! I loved how you shared it through photos. Your little girls are precious! My favorite color is blue, I would love to visit Green Gables (so would by hubby), we went to Maui (Kaanapali Beach) for our 20th anniversary…and to Disneyland (not Disneyworld) for our honeymoon. :o)

  4. SO many of these are the same as me! In particular: the coffee one, the spider one (minus the feeding of the tiger!), the love actually one (one of my all time favs) and the little girls one. We’re practically the same person! Loved this. :)

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