cookbook challenge: prosciutto lamb burgers

prosciutto lamb burgers

My first week of my make use of my cookbook collection challenge went on quite well. Giada’s prosciutto lamb burger recipe was surprisingly easy to make, and according to hubby, (my toughest food critic) tasted much better than a lamb burger he tried at a Toronto Moroccan restaurant one time.

You can compare my version with Giada’s pictured above.

My variation omitted the bread crumbs (since K has an allergy to wheat) and egg (because I forgot to buy them). I think they only served to bind the ingredients together, which in the end I didn’t really needed them because the burgers held together very well on their own. I also made a quick sauce to drizzle over the burgers by deglazing the brown bits that were left in the pan using a bit of chopped red onion and balsamic vinegar.

They looked so good that someone decided to start digging in right on the counter while I snapped a few photos. I served them with oven-roasted asparagus and home fries (at the request of my sneaky little food thief).

Overall, I’m very satisfied with how my first week of the challenge turned out. It felt really good to make the meal, see my family enjoying it, and know that I’m finally getting some use of the cookbooks that I’ve been collecting over the years.

So what’s on the menu for this week?

I’m heading over to a friend’s house for a mommy group lunch later this week, so I think this cucumber mint salad from Michael Smith’s Chef at Home cookbook would be perfect to try. Stay tuned for the results!


4 thoughts on “cookbook challenge: prosciutto lamb burgers

  1. I want to come to your house to eat….I start this challenge this week! Oh — and those home fries look so yummy. I can see why someone had to sneak a few. And one more thing….I’ve made a similar cucumber salad — did you use rice wine vinegar?

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