craft: heart-on-a-string garland

little hearts garland

 Inspired by all the Valentine’s Day love that I’ve been browsing on other creative blogs recently, I made a little Valentine surprise for my own little sweetheart. 

This little recycled paper heart garland was simple to make. The hearts were cut from torn pages of a Pottery Barn catalogue. I selected the pages with pretty pink, red and white photos from the catalogue to make the hearts. Then strung the cut hearts with a needle and length of embroidery thread. That’s it! I call it naptime crafting. A quick and easy, yet creative project that I can complete during my babe’s naptime. 

Taped to the bookshelf in K’s room, these sweet little hearts on a string are sure to make her smile when she comes home today. I can’t wait! 

Hope your weekend is full of love and surprises, too!


3 thoughts on “craft: heart-on-a-string garland

  1. Very sweet….I like the idea of using old magazines. I just threw out a whole stack that I could have re-purposed. Have a wonderful weekend — and I will take you up on your challenge. I’ve been busy with school musical stuff this week, so I haven’t blogged much. Maybe next week will be better. Then again, maybe not.

  2. This is so adorable! We are starting to decorate our grand children’s rooms since they are living with us. My daughter and I could do this for both of their rooms. I love the fact that you used recycled Pottery Barn magazines. I have a few stored away in a box I just could not part with, this is what I will use them for now…:) Thanks for sharing!

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