hearting right now

happy hearts month!

The net is overflowing with hearts, happiness and love this month, and I thought I’d add to it with a little about what I’m loving right now.

:: this over-the-top, better-than-my-own-real-house playhouse

:: this heart-felt Martha-esk wreath (which I’m bookmarking for next year since I don’t have any time to cut and cut and cut little circles of felt this year!)

:: these colourful wood and wool stools (I swear this year I’ll pick up a crochet hook and learn to make a granny!)

:: these conversation hearts-inspired cupcakes (looks so yummy!)

:: and my baby in a pixie hat!

What do you HEART today?


2 thoughts on “hearting right now

  1. I heart your little baby! She’s adorable in the pixie hat. Right now — I’m home for work, alone because all the kiddos have after-school activities. I heart the peace and quiet. (Don’t tell anyone).

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