all buttoned up

the perfect buttons

As a knitter, I’m always looking for the perfect buttons to go with each special handknit piece. There’s something satisfying about finishing a project with the perfect accent — the perfect button that, in my mind, that I’ve envisioned for it with each knit and purl. At times, a project of mine will sit unfinished until I can find that special accent.

These days, I’m attracted to vintage buttons or buttons made from natural materials like wood or walnuts (in the case of K’s neighbourly).

Until recently, I’ve kept my entire button stash in one jar, each time digging in, searching… looking… Now, I’ve decided a little more organization is required — afterall, organization is what New Year is all about, right? It doesn’t really matter if I’m a month late!

So I sorted and sorted and sorted all my buttons into smaller jars by colour (jars are from Ikea). It made sense to do it in this manner. I’m always digging in to find the pink buttons or the white buttons, depending on the colours on my project anyways.

Now, as you can imagine, as I was doing this, K was quite intrigued. A jar full of buttons is like a pot of gold to a 3-year-old. So she picked out a few buttons and we made magnets for her artwork out of them.

I found this blog of the book, Button It Up! a wonderful source of inspiration for all kinds of button projects. I don’t own a copy of the book, but reading through the blog and looking at the wonderful images online was enough to get my imagination racing with all kinds of kid-friendly, “cold winter day” button projects in the near future!

Oh, the wonders of sparkles and pom-poms… turned into an instant reproduction of a snowy day!


One thought on “all buttoned up

  1. Ohhhhh — I did the same thing for Christmas. I made lots of button magnets as stocking stuffers. My daughter always loved to play with buttons. She used to rearrangement according to color, size, shapes. Lots of fun for a little one. Your jars make everything look so nice and organized — kudos to you!

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