artichokes and olives, and a little sleep

artichoke & olive pasta salad

artichoke & olive pasta salad

I’m finding that as I get older, my tastes have been maturing, too. Artichokes and olives are two foods that I NEVER ate when I was younger. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but for some reason the taste of them never hit home with me until recently. 

Since I’ve been home on maternity leave, the Food Network has been my constant companion (afterall, I guess I must support the company even though I’m not technically at work). I recently saw an episode Cooking for Real with Sunny Anderson, where a colourful artichoke and olive pasta salad was whipped up in a matter of minutes. I had to try it out. These days, I’ve been craving olives. Actually ever since I was pregnant, olives really tasted good, and the taste never left me, I guess. 

Recipe: Artichoke & Olive Pasta Salad 

1 can artichokes
1/2 cup black olives
bow-tie pasta (or any shaped pasta)
sliced red onion
cherry tomatoes (cut in half)
chopped parsley
lemon zest and juice
olive oil 

Cook the pasta in pot of boiling salted water. Drain and rinse with cold water. Add the pasta to a mixing bowl with the other ingredients. 

The lemon zest, juice and olive oil combine to make the dressing for this salad. It has a tangy and salty taste which actually gets better the longer you let it sit with the other ingredients in the bowl. Serve the pasta salad cold. 

This was wonderfully delicious, easy to prepare, and tasted even better the next day! Enjoy! 

p.s. Not to mix food up with baby talk… but we had a major breakthrough in our sleeping situation yesterday. For the first time in over 5 weeks, little L finally decided to sleep in her own crib! I was beginning to think I would be sleeping with my babe until she was a teen. Don’t get me wrong, although there was tremendous joy in opening my eyes (many, many times each night) and seeing her little sleeping body next to mine, I was constantly worried about smothering her with the blankets or my body. I don’t know how exactly parents who choose to co-sleep do it, but Hubby and I let out a little cheer as we climbed into bed last night with each of our babes soundly sleeping in their OWN beds. Alleluia!


2 thoughts on “artichokes and olives, and a little sleep

  1. Huge breakthrough. Huge. I never could sleep with my kids. Besides the worry about even moving, I didn’t want to get into that habit. So sweet dreams to you! And about that artichoke salad….did you use just plain artichokes or the marinated ones? It really does sound good. I love both olives and artichokes — so I think I’ll enjoy this.

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