saying thanks

thank you

One of the things I love about where I live is my neighbours. Since L’s birth they have all stopped by with gifts, offering help and advice. One even tracked me down at the hospital to check on us (the fact that she’s a nurse at the hospital I delivered at made this easy).

Perhaps seeing an ambulance roll on to our street propelled them to action. Nevertheless, I’ve been very touched by this kindness. I love that every Christmas one neighbour throws a holiday feast and in the summer at least one barbeque or cocktail party is pulled together. I love that someone is always close by to borrow a shovel or lend a hand moving something heavy. That’s what being neighbourly is about.

So today, I’m saying my thanks… a few handwritten gestures of gratitude, a chocolate or two… to a group of people that make home a neighbourhood.


One thought on “saying thanks

  1. What a great neighborhood you live in….And handwritten thank you notes go a long way in my book. I’m trying to impress the importance of taking the time to write a thank you on my children. It means a lot.

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