reno mondays: starting off

the renovation

This is our new kitchen. 

We’ve been dreaming, planning, and talking about this kitchen since we moved into this house 4 years ago. Now it’s finally going to happen. About 30 boxes arrived on our front door this morning, destined to be assembled into our new kitchen. 


In a few months this will all be gone. Replaced by antique white cabinets, granite counters, island and breakfast bar. I know that a kitchen renovation is one of the toughest to survive — afterall it’s the heart of a home, but I’m so excited to begin. Over the next few weeks and months, we’ll be elbows deep into things like tile, fixtures, granite, and paint selections. But for now, I can afford a little luxury of dreaming about drinking a cup of fresh coffee in my new kitchen a little longer. 


As part of the reno, this window will be transformed into sliding French doors (*squeal*). This was the first thing I’ve wished for when we bought this house. Without a way out back from the kitchen, summer entertaining and use of our lovely and spacious backyard was always such a hassle.  

I’ll be sharing my reno experience on this blog on a regular basis  over the coming months as it will likely become the focus of much of my time (that is not devoted to my babes) as we prepare for the renovation and live through it (I hope)!


2 thoughts on “reno mondays: starting off

  1. You are very brave launching this big project. I think about redoing our cabinets and the mess and chaos force that thought right out of my mind. I’m sure you have a vision of your dream kitchen and that will get you through this project. It will be exciting to see the progress. Definitely take and post lots of pictures.

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