craft: birthday banner card

happy birthday!

Do you like paper crafts? I do. As a kid, I used to make all kinds of things with paper. From paper doll cut-outs to cards to origami; I’ve tried it all. I saw this DIY birthday card and needed to try it. We have a birthday party to go to this weekend and it would be the perfect little touch — afterall who doesn’t love a little birthday bunting, right?

Quick and easy, within 15 minutes, this cute little card was ready. I used leftover construction paper from K’s art box for my flags, however, some pretty fabric scraps or recycled wrapping paper pieces would be just as sweet. This idea could easily be transformed into a string of holiday lights instead of bunting using last year’s Christmas wrappings, too! Hmm… I might just have to whip up a few of these cards to keep on hand for just about any last-minute celebration need.

Jessica also has a simple tutorial on how to turn a magazine page into a gift bow. What a great idea! You could also use recycled wrapping paper or ribbon instead and it would look extra special.


One thought on “craft: birthday banner card

  1. You’re right….Who wouldn’t want a cute card like that. What a great idea. My daughter made 1000 paper cranes after reading a book about them in 6th grade. We still have a box filled with these little origami creations in the basement. We’re not sure what to do with them, but we’re forbidden from throwing them out!

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