The Baby Cardi

the baby cardigan

This is the first baby sweater I ever knitted over 3 years ago, not long after I re-learned to knit. My very first knitting lesson was from my mom was when I was probably around 10 years old. I remember knitting an endless variety of itty bitty scarves for my Barbie dolls.

Now I have the joy of watching both my babes wearing said cardigan.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss baby cashmerino wool
Pattern: Baby Knits for Beginners by Debbie Bliss

This is one of my favourite baby sweater patterns. I love the moss stitch details on the button band, collar and sleeves. I’ve knitted this pattern over and over after this first one as gifts for other babes in both cotton and wool — each time just as sweet!

Have I mentioned yet how much I love having two little girls? Dressing them up is so much fun, and seeing them in the same treasured little outfits years apart brings a smile to my face.

Also, I’m wishing my BIG girl a BIG 3rd BIRTHDAY, today! I can’t believe how quickly 3 years has passed. It seemed like yesterday that I was learning to be a mom to you — something I’m still doing even though you’re 3!

As I’m looking back now at K’s baby photos I do a lot of comparing between K and her little sister. Although people say my two babes look alike in appearance, I can tell in personality they will be completely different. My big girl is smart, sassy and stubburn. So far, her little sister bold and loud.


2 thoughts on “The Baby Cardi

  1. A darling sweater and how nice it is something the babies have shared. Definitely a family heirloom. And a happy birthday to your big girl. Take lots of pictures of the celebration.

  2. For some reason this brought a tear to my eye. Because I can’t believe that 3 years have passed? Because my own babe will be TWO next week? Because I dream of being a mom to two little girls one day? All of the above I guess. Love following your posts as you adapt to being a mommy of two.

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