Fibre Play

paradise & sunrise

Look what showed up at my door this morning! I’ve been waiting for this delivery for several weeks now — all the way from New Zealand, purchased from ArtemisArtemis on Etsy shortly before L was born. 

The yarns have such dreamy names: “Paradise” for the blue-grey skein and “Sunrise” for the red-orange one. I must think of a project as equally as dreamy for each of them. I’ve been playing with them this morning, flipping through my patterns and searching online for inspirations. Maybe a chunky elf hat for each of my babes… 

But before I move on to yet another project… remember this one


K’s vest is still in progress and slowly taking shape. So far, it’s a very easy knit, however, with L preferring to sleep in my arms these days, very little else is getting done. 

I’m eagerly wanting to see this project done and on my little one, especially now when a warm vest would be oh-so-wonderful against this winter chill we’re having. But until then, I’ll have to just think warm thoughts before I can sneak off to paradise and bask in a little sunshine. (Yes corny, I know!)


2 thoughts on “Fibre Play

  1. Oh, I love sunshine. Such beautiful colors. That is the problem when new treasures literally land on your doorstep. I admire your determination to finish up your little one’s sweater before diving in to something new. Stay warm.

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