Planning for Her

party planning

She really has been a great big sister these past few weeks. We weren’t sure how she would react to a new addition to our family, but so far she is fantastic. She’s even including her little sister in her daily distribution of “treats”. Things like: this candy is for mama, this one for daddy, this one for L, and this one for me. 

So when it came down to deciding if we should celebrate her big day in the same fashion as earlier years, of course the answer was, YES! How could we not, when she goes about the house singing “My birthday is in January!” (of course not really knowing when January actually was!) How could we not celebrate the birth of my big little girl — after all the attention and visitors little L has received, her big sister deserves a day of her own, too!

So we’re making plans for her. Some crafting took place in the days leading up to L’s birth and some more preparing these last few days until her big weekend.

Beacause amidst the flurry of our lives these days, it’s nice to slow down, to plan and to cherish her.


One thought on “Planning for Her

  1. Oh, absolutely make it a special day for her. She must be a real sweetie and this is a very important day for her. You sound like you’re very organized and prepared. Good planning. Have a wonderful time celebrating — and take lots of pictures.

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