More Cowl Love

pickles cowl

The crafty gals over at Pickles has caught the cowl love bug recently, too! I found these wonderfully warm designs on their blog. I love the salmon pink colour of their Spin-a-Round neckwarmer (above). I’ve never tried their yarn before, but these soft and  scrumptious cowls are so tempting I might just have to order a couple of skeins to see for myself. Plus I’ve been looking to try something with a drop stitch, so this might just be my next project!

This other one is super easy, and basically a tighter version of my Mille Cowl, with a 34 stitch cast on. Happy knitting!


One thought on “More Cowl Love

  1. Wow — those will keep you warm. Are you freezing right about now? I think we’re stuck in an Arctic chill here in NYS. And, it’s supposed to get colder by the end of the week. Brrrrr. I’m sure these will be good projects to work on while the babe is napping.

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