Eating Again

i heart sushi

One of the things I hated while I was pregnant was not being able to eat the food I really loved, like sushi, fresh bre, rare steaks and oysters. All of which I’ve been dying to have, and I’m finally making my way through my cravings, starting with a chirashi dinner last night! Although it was take-out (I prefer to eat my sushi in a restaurant) it was enough to satisfy my 10-month craving.

Next on my food attack list is oysters. There’s a new fishhouse that has just opened in our neighbourhood several weeks ago and I’ve been eyeing the sign outside advertising free oysters on Thursdays since it’s opening and hinting to hubby that we need to eat there one day — one day soon I’m hoping!

A few inspirational handmades on Etsy…

:: from Posion and Antidote‘s shop

:: from Sandra’s Babycakes‘ shop

:: from Sky Magenta‘s shop

Here’s to eating again!


3 thoughts on “Eating Again

  1. I hope you get your night out soon! I remember how hard that was to do with little kids. Now that mine are teenagers, we really should go out more — but we didn’t for so long that we’re out of the habit. At least you can enjoy eating whatever you want now!

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