Counting Down: Day 3

baby countdown: day 3

It’s day 3 and I’m getting a little impatient to say the least. I’ve tried all the old tricks; spicy food, walking, even my floors have never been cleaner, but still nothing. As you can see by the photo, K and her dolls are having a grand time with our little waiting game. At least someone is enjoying this game. 

Day 3 Activity: walking, walking and more walking. 

We’re getting ready for our daily outing — just a little mandatory stroll in the hopes it will help bring on the labour. 

And then some playtime at Ikea. Today we made tea and cakes. Tell me, what parent hasn’t taken their kid to Ikea and let them explore the rooms, climb into the beds and play with the furniture? A staple cold weather pastime, for sure! 

See you all again here tomorrow, I bet!


4 thoughts on “Counting Down: Day 3

  1. Another day….I’m sorry that you have to wait. I remember with my second child, we walked and walked around our block hoping she would come. Then my third child came about a month early — I kept having labor pains, but I think I was in denial because it was too early and I always had late babies. We made it to the hospital with 5 minutes to spare — no lie. A nurse delivered him. That was cutting it too close. And I’m very jealous that you have an Ikea store nearby. I think the closest one to me is about a five hour drive.

  2. Hmmm… now I REALLY can’t wait for that birth story, because I happen to know that day 4 of waiting never came! The curiousity is getting the better of me Mama… espeically since it looks like this was posted mere HOURS before the little girl arrived?

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