Counting Down: Day 1

baby countdown: day 1

Yesterday was our due date; however, it seems that someone forgot to tell baby. So we’re waiting. I remember this game of waiting the first time. K ended up being 8 days late. 

I remember how long each day was. There was only so much walking, reading,  (even knitting), and waiting a person could do before she got a little stir crazy. But the first time I was home by myself. These days, I have K to keep me company, so the day goes by very quickly. 

This time, we’re counting the days together. Inspired by one of my favourite blog reads, Moonstitches, who’s counting down the last month of the year via photos of her Japanese neighbourhood, K and I are counting the days to our baby’s first arrival.

Day 1 Activity: write a letter to Santa.

Follow us each day until the birth!


4 thoughts on “Counting Down: Day 1

  1. Oh boy — I hope you don’t go into labor in the middle of a blizzard! This time of year, you never know. How exciting for you and your daughter. I’ll watch your blog to see how things are going — good luck!

  2. I love me a countdown! I’ll be following along for sure. Miss you!

    PS – I would like an invitation to come and visit after the holidays. I need me some newborn love.

    • I’d love for you to visit, Mia! You can tell me all about your dreamy vacation while I tell you all about the labour… and I can be envious!

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