Holiday Traditions: the Gingerbread House

the gingerbread house in the making

When I was younger, Christmas being a western holiday, was never really a big deal. We had a family dinner, with a turkey but the sides included rice and noodles and other Chinese dishes. We put up a tree, but that was almost entirely my doing.

Now that I have my own family, I want to make our own family traditions. We got a head start this weekend by putting together a Gingerbread house, which for all of us (K, hubby and myself) was our first ever experience at this, making it a little extra special.

The gingerbread itself was store-bought, but for our first time, we wanted something easy. Maybe next year I might try making our own. I love gingerbread cookies, and have made these in the past, but an entire house… that seemed a little more daunting.

I’m inspired, however, by some of these wonderful houses in the Gingerbread House Showcase Flickr pool.

What are some of your family’s holiday traditions?


2 thoughts on “Holiday Traditions: the Gingerbread House

  1. It turned out beautiful. My kids used to make them when they were little. By Christmas, they usually had caved in on themselves. I think because little fingers would pick away at the candy and frosting — though no one ever admitted it.

  2. the gingerbread houses look so cute and like they were fun to make! being part chinese, i can identify with the chinese food at the table on nonchinese nights. my husband cannot understand why i have to eat pot roast with soy sauce and tortillas (i’m part mexican, too!).

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