Small Things

handknit minis

With the various holiday and baby knitting I’ve been doing this holiday season, I have so many little bits and pieces of yarn leftover that I can’t bear to get rid of, so I decided to piece together some festive minis. Itty bitty sweaters and stockings are quickly piling up around the house, which K thinks is fantastic and tries to put over her head or onto her toes in delight! Oh the wonderful imagination of little ones! 

Most of these minis have been ending up as tokens for holiday buyers from the shop, some will probably end up on the tree and as gift tags this Christmas, and the rest in K’s personal collection! 

Since creating this mini holiday collection, I’ve also discovered various other sources of mini inspirations! If you love mini knitted toys like I do, the Knitted Toy box and Little Cotton Rabbits offer wonderful little creatures and tons of free patterns, here and here. Once I’m out of the holiday and baby knitting mode, I think a couple of these little sweeties will end up on my needles, too!


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