Little Elves

The Elf

The Elf

There’s something about little elf hats that I find endearing. I think it’s the pointy top and dangling ear flaps that really bring out the character in children that attract me to these types of hats. This Fall I’ve been experimenting a lot with this design, modified from the orignal (above) that I knitted for K last Fall.


The Orange Elf is made with an extra bulky weight wool blend yarn, making this a very quick and easy knit. I love the cheerfulness of this pumpkin orange colour for this season.


The Grey Elf is knit with a grey wool sock yarn and lined with cotton fleece to protect from the itchiness of 100% wool against the face. This two-toned hat reminds me of wool stocking feet warmed by the fireside.

With the weather getting cooler, I can see many more little elves made this fall and winter for sure!


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