Project Zoo

Project Zoo

Project Zoo

Those that know me know that in my university days, I used to be a zoo camp counseller at the Toronto Zoo, teaching kids about animals and conservation. It was one of the most fun and rewarding jobs I’ve had. So, when I recently learned about a project that connected knitters with fundraising for the zoo, I joined immediately!

“Project Zoo” was started by local crafter, Ladee Bee  after a recent trip to the zoo where she purchased a skein of camel hair yarn from the gift shop and wondered, “Why was the yarn at the store from an animal far, far away when we had our own animals at the zoo? Why couldn’t the fibre be collected, processed and knit up into items that could be donated back to the zoo and sold?”

What a great idea, right? Can you image a drapy cowl or cozy scarf in warm camel or alpaca, or other exotic fibres from the our own zoo animals! How wonderfully yummy! If you want to get involved, visit our group page for more information about the project.


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