Already Dreaming of a White Christmas

Ready for the Holidays

Ready for the Holidays

Here’s one little girl already delighted with the prospect of the holidays!

I was a little surprised to see that the shops have already started bringing out the Christmas merchandise and decorations today. It also pushed the reality that this baby’s arrival is just around the corner, too! Recently, I’ve been madly preparing for his/her arrival…sorting through K’s newborn clothes for unisex items, looking for the baby toys, taking stock of baby essentials like diapers and creams that I’ll need once again.

A few other “holiday preparation” projects have also snuck up in between this week as well, including this “square hat” that I’ve decided, after K test-wore the proto-type today, would be the staple little girl holiday gift item this year.


Yarn: Main colour is Sirdar Supersoft Aran; dots and tassels made with various yarns (good way to use stash yarns and leftovers from other projects).

Happy holiday knitting!


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