Halloween Prep

Halloween Costume in the Making
Halloween Costume in the Making

Unlike previous Halloweens, this year, K was able to choose a costume for herself. Of course, what does my little princess want to be? A PRINCESS, no less! After several fruitless trips to the shops in search of the perfect blue (K’s favourite colour) princess costume, I gave up and decided to take a stab at creating one for her.

One evening of online research with a few tutorials on tutu making — the no-sew options, of course, caught my attention immediately: here and here, and I was ready for my first experiment.

My materials:

  • Tulle (1/2 m of each colour) I chose 4 shades of blue plus white
  • Satin ribbon (approx 50 cm)
  • Elastic band (the kind used for pant waistlines)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

My Version of the Project:

Step 1: Measure waistline (for K I measured 19″). Cut elastic 2″ shorter to allow for the elastic to stretch. Sew or staple the 2 ends together. I went for the “no-sew” method and stapled!

Step 2: Lay each piece of tulle flat, then fold in half. Roll (from the short side) the folded tulle into a tube. Measuring against a ruler, make 3″ cuts from the tube. This will yield 20″ long strips, 3″ wide. Continue with all 5 pieces of tulle.

Step 3: Open a strip of tulle and place the centre over the back of the elastic. Making a loop at the centre, pull tulle around to the front and tie snuggly. To create a more jagged edge look, I cut each end of the tulle strips at an angle. I also wanted a more full looking skirt than I saw on the tutorials so I worked with 2 strips of tulle at the same time. Alternate colours of tulle to create desired pattern, continue this around the elastic until it is completely covered.

Step 4: To create a ribbon bow, I inserted a 20″ length of satin ribbon in between one tulle loop and the elastic band. It’s easier to do this as you’re looping the tulle around the elastic first. When all the strips of tulle have been tied, I tied the ribbon into a bow and left the long ends to dangle out in front.

Total cost: $7.50

I was pleasantly surprised that an evening in front of the TV (approx 2 hours) was all it took! The hardest part of the project was cutting the tulle strips!


K is totally in love with her princess tutu. Almost everyday she asks: “Halloween yet?” How sweet is that?!

To complete her outfit, my plan is to use the leftover scraps of tulle and ribbon to create a headpiece, and add a pair wings for my princess. Stay tuned for the finished product!


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