nothing wasted

heart_brooch2Because I love fiber, I find it very difficult to toss it away, even the little trimmings from the ends that are woven in. I collect them up and put them in a jar – waiting for another use.

Like these knitted heart pins. Except for the pin backs, they are made completely from wool, including the yarn scraps as stuffing!

heart_brooch3Sometimes I look at the jar and I remember the projects that I made with a particular yarn. Lovely thought.

heart broochHow about you? Do you throw away your scraps (whether they are fiber or fabric or something else) Or do you reuse and re-purpose them?

By the way, these lovely brooches are available online, at the Arts Market or at Tea With Gladys.

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2 Responses to nothing wasted

  1. You are not alone! As an artist and a creative person my thought is exactly the same, besides I live far out in the countryside and a shoppingmall is not what I will find around the corner, so everything might come in handy some day is my motto.

  2. Joyce says:

    What a great way of using scraps. I like to keep scraps too (and love when I actually find a use for them!), but sometimes they just get so cluttered that I just end up throwing them away.

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