as sweet as honey

the beehive hat

I must be countering the sweltering weather by thinking cold thoughts and knitting winter wear because a few wool hats have been flying off my needles lately.

I call this my honey beehive hat. And I actually put it on outside for a few minutes in the heat wave for some photos in my backyard. Crazy, huh?

I came up with this pattern on the fly, using a repeated welt pattern I’ve seen as cowl instead. Here’s the pattern I used in case you want to make one, too!

CO 88 stitches (using 5.0mm circular needles)
Knit 4” in 2×2 rib
Change to 5.5mm cicular needles
K4 rounds, p5 rounds (repeated this 5x)

r1: K1, K2tog, repeat until end
r2: knit all rounds
r3: k1, k2tog, repeat until end
r4: knit all rounds
r5: k2tog, repeat until end
r6: k2tog, repeat until end
cut yarn and pull through remaining stitches.
weave ends in.

Yarn: Patons Shetland Chunky [edited: 2 skeins, 296 yards]
This is a wool-acrylic blend, bulky weight yarn, so it’s machine washable!

Guage: 15.0 sts = 4 inches on 5.5mm needles

My notes on Ravelry are here. Happy knitting, friends!

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48 Responses to as sweet as honey

  1. small burst says:

    What a great design-love the hat! I wish I knew how to knit. There are so many cute accessories to be made!

  2. Gloria says:

    Beautiful beehive hat! You look so pretty in it too!! Great job! :)

  3. Jodi says:

    I’m breaking out in a sweat looking at you in that hat! You did a wonderful job — and you’re so brave working with wool in this heat.

  4. Joyce says:

    Wish I knew how to knit….but I know that’s one skill I will probably never pick up. You look great in your hat!

  5. Rebekah says:

    Cute hat! I totally want to make one. Thanks for posting the pattern!

  6. barb says:

    just the style i was going for… thanks for posting it!

  7. Tanya B says:

    What a great hat Pattern! Thanks for sharing it! I know what you mean too about churning out the hats, etc during summer and hoping for the cooler weather so we can wear out wonderful knits.
    Kniftyknittingmom (on Rav)

  8. WOW. I love it. I wish I knew how to knit!
    fabulous job!!!

  9. sugaree16 (on ravelry) says:

    this hat looks intricate, but the pattern seems really simple. thank you so much for sharing this; i am going to make one for sure (especially now that it’s getting to be that time of year again where there isn’t as much chance of passing out in a heat stroke as there was when you braved wearing it outdoors )

  10. Erin says:

    Thanks so much for posting the pattern! This hat is so cute, I can’t wait to get done knitting it so I can wear it around.

  11. Carol O. says:

    Looks like a great chemo hat pattern (in acylic, not wool). Thanks in advance!

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  13. Lois says:

    Please post how much yarn to purchase for this project!

    • Allie Finch says:

      Did you ever learn how much yarn to make this? I LOVE this beanie & would like to make it with some yarn my friend sent me but want to be sure I have enough.

      • flowerpotdesigns says:

        Hi Allie, if you’re using the same yarn I used, you need 2 skeins of Patons Chunky (or 296 yards). Hope that helps! good luck! post a reply if you make it.

      • TracyKM says:

        I’ve made two using Shetland CHunky, and they each took just under a 100gr skein, although I did a shorter brim, I also added another repeat of the pattern (and decreased a bit differently). According to Ravelry, the 100gr ball is 148yds. Since there’s no gauge given, I don’t know if I knit it tighter or looser, but anyway, I loved that I did it with just one ball. I made 5 (3 in other yarns) in about two weeks LOL!!! And I’ll be making more!

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  15. Ellaë says:

    Thank you very much to the pattern! It’s clear and so I’ll be it.

  16. susan says:

    Just the pattern I was looking for, Thanks

  17. phaniescompany says:

    It’s soooo beautiful. I’ve made it twice ! Thanks !

  18. VivreVegan says:

    I made this one, thanks a lot for the pattern ! It was my first time with circular neddles and I LOVED it !

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  21. Christie says:

    What is the gauge?

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  23. Sue says:

    I just ordered my yarn to make this hat ! Love the pattern – thanks for posting !

  24. brandi says:

    I loooove this hat. I’m on my 2nd already. The first was made using Shetland Chunky in Harvest Variegated (You can see it here)

    I’m kind of new to knitting though and want to try it with Bernat Mosaic yarn also, but I can’t figure out what I might need to change since this yarn has a gauge of 18 and the Shetland Chunky has a gauge of 15. More stitches, different needles?

    It’s also SO easy to make and it looks amazing on either gender. I keep staring at my son who’s wearing it because I just can’t get enough of looking at it!!

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  28. Tangle says:

    Hey there,
    I absolutely love this beanie and am making my fourth at the moment, sitting here in Sydney midwinter! Do you mind if i sell some or would you prefer that i find another pattern – everyone loves them!

  29. This is a very swell looking hat, thanks for putting it up. Going to Ravelry right now to check it out.

  30. Danielle says:

    HI! Thanks for posting this great pattern! I found it through Ravelry and it was just what I was looking for! Just one question… If I wanted to make it a little less snug around the head, do you think I could block it somehow? I’ve never actually blocked any of my projects, but I’ve been reading up on it. Would it even be possible to do on something tubular like this, I wonder? Thanks in advance! Cheers! :o)

  31. Carofoliz says:

    I love your hat! I am going to make it soon. Can i translate your pattern in french ?

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  33. TracyKM says:

    I’ve been trying to blog about the hats I made, but Blogger is having issues again. So, I started a Flickr account! Hopefully this link works, and I can get the blog post done later. Thanks for a great pattern!

  34. Angela says:

    Thanks for this pattern Tracy, I’ve made this hat twice now and love it. I’m about to attempt a cowl in the same design. Wish me luck. Thanks again.

  35. I absolutely love your blog.. Very nice colors
    & theme. Did you make this amazing site yourself?
    Please reply back as I’m hoping to create my own personal website and would like to learn where you got this from or just what the theme is named. Cheers!

  36. Silkia says:

    I found your pattern on Ravelry and just completed my hat! It took about 8 hours and I am very happy with the results. Great design, thanks for sharing!

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  38. Colleen says:

    Love this pattern! I have a quick question though:

    I’m trying to make this for two girls, ages 3 and 4. How do I size this down? Shouldn’t be too difficult since there’s not really a set pattern within each row, but I want to make sure I don’t mess it up. For one, since I’m on vacation and only have size 10 straight needles and a size 8 circular, I was going to make the hat on smaller needles with a worsted weight yarn. Thoughts?

    • I think your approach is good thinner yarn with the appropriate needle. You can also decrease the number of stitches but keep co even for the rib. Hope that helps! Would live to see your result!

  39. Ginger says:

    Absolutely the best hat!!!! Love it will make more!!!

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