{fo} just really BIG socks!

Knit Christmas Stocking

Last year around this time I started a goal to knit our family a new Christmas stocking. I never completed the project. I took on too many projects last year, including preparing for the biggest event of my life.

This year, I took up that project again and I’m determined to finish by December 1st! These pair are for hubby and I. His on the left, mine on the right.

I’m really excited about how these are turning out. Perhaps after I’m done, I will write out a pattern for them. I wasn’t able to find a pattern that I liked so essentially, I’m just making some really big socks and seeing how it goes!

Knit Christmas Stocking

Stocking on the left:
Yarn: Patons Classic Wool (main) & Ella Rae Classic (accent)

Stocking on the right:
Yarn: Noro Kureyon (main) & Ella Rae Classic (accent)

Now it’s 2 down, 2 to go, with 2 weeks to go! The girls stockings are going to be much more challenging. They’ve requested stockings with bears and candy canes! Oh Boy!

What’s on your Christmas knit list?

{fo} year of the sock #3

Year of the sock

This year my girls have been all about the short ankle socks. All of a sudden, they wanted nothing to do with regular length socks. I had this pattern in my Ravelry favourites for the longest time and knew my year of the sock wouldn’t be complete without making a pair of these.

Pattern: Sporty Striped Peds, by Purl Bee

Yarn: Knit Picks Felici Sport; Colourway: Rainbow

Year of the Sock

I modified these to fit my daughters small kids size 13 feet by shortening the heel flap and the length of the foot. You can see my modifications on my Ravelry page.

The colourway of this yarn is now discontinued. Which is too bad because the girls love the rainbow colour pattern. This is the second pair of socks I’ve made in this colour. Always a hit!

Year of the Sock

There will certainly be more hand knit socks in this family’s future!

Happy feet dance!

{fo} year of the sock #2

Year of the sock

This second sock of the year is for me as well. I was shopping at Michaels one day and they had a sale on a discontinuing line of Loops & Thread brand yarn with cashmere!

Pattern: How I Make My Socks, by Susan B. Anderson

Yarn: Loops & Thread Luxury Sock; Colourway: Spring Fling

Year of the Sock

I’m still into a plain vanilla sock pattern but I love self-striping yarns because it adds variety to the knit and no colour changes required! Since catching the sock bug, I’ve been keeping my eye out on sock yarns. This one was wonderful – and a great price. Too bad it’s no longer available.

You can read about my Year of the Sock progress on this blog, or follow along on with my project on Instagram.

Happy knitting friends!


{fo} year of the sock #1

Hand knit socks, Flowerpot Designs

Pattern: How I Make My Socks, by Susan B. Anderson

Yarn: Schoppel-Wolle Zauberball; Colourway: Frische

I haven’t really been a big sock knitter. I know there are lots of you out there! The last pair I made were for my daughter.

About a month ago, I decided to see what the hype was about and I cast on a pair. Now I have to say, I’m slightly addicted. There’s something to be said about making a pair, trying it on my feet as I go along, and seeing the final fit. The other part that I love is the colour variations. I love interesting colour patterns and variations, and with sock yarns there is no shortage of both!

Hand knit sock, Flowerpot Designs

Now that I am more than a little hooked, I’ve decided to challenge myself to make a year’s worth of socks (12 pairs to be exact)!

Let’s see how it goes. I hope you will follow along with me. You can read about my progress on this blog, or follow along on with my project on Instagram.

Pattern notes published on Ravelry.

holiday market season kickoff + little helpers

The official kick-off of my holiday market season is underway and I had a little help today.

flowerpot designs holiday market display

The girls have been asking to help mommy out at her shows for a little while now, but timing had always been difficult and show locations haven’t been convenient. Today, though, the first holiday show in my line-up, was manageable on all counts! So the girls came with me for the adventure.

lornepark_show5 lornepark_show4

It was delightful having them with me for the morning (half a day was all they could handle). My oldest seemed to have the most interest in what I was selling, what people were buying and what everyone else was selling and doing, while my youngest was a natural sales girl. She was not shy, told on-lookers about the prices and asked them to try it on!


A wonderful experience to share with my girls, for sure! Perhaps more in the future, even!


holiday show update


In the next two weeks I’m hitting up a couple of local holiday shows in support of two school fundraisers. It will  be my first time at both of these events, but I’m looking forward to meeting some local artisans and crafters, and getting a kick-start on the holiday season!

I’ll have a few new woolen goodies, plus my popular cowls, gloves and cacti for sale! Start your holiday shopping now! It’s perfect wool season!

For more details on both of these shows visit my events page.